About NEXA

Gujarat’s & Karnataka's authorized Maruti Suzuki Car dealer – Kataria Automobiles offers  all automotive solutions to the Maruti consumers all year round.

At Kataria, our marked success in the field has stemmed by approaching our customers in a proactive way. Our realm to provide best customer support has helped us gain complete trust amongst our customers. At this juncture, as we stand at an impressive second century of our business; we target to provide the largest network of showrooms and services country-wide.

We plan meticulously to provide chances that can serve the market and the consumers in the best possible way. We pride in establishing an amazing network strength of 50 plus touch points to connect with our valuable customers in a better way through our Team strength of 4500 trained employees to offer services like Sales, After-sales, Bodyshop, Finance, Insurance, True Value & Accessories. Collaborating with others to expand and evolve our business and adaptating on the novel systems to maximize the efficacy is what we always pursue.


We, as a group have our targets set firmly on the economic & premium sector of the national automobile market. From R&D to sales and marketing, Kataria Group is committed to the highest in quality for all its products and services, reflecting the phenomenal success of the group.

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The Board of Directors and the Management of Kataria Group has adopted prudent decisions related to financial management, for excelling in the quality of the products and services. Practicing ethical judgments, ensuring transparency and professionalism in every possible aspect by the group is what makes Kataria passionate about the quality of work.

Kataria Group excels in terms of quality and trust as we rigorously follow the mandatory guidelines on Corporate Governance, regularly review the Board Processes and the Management Systems for further improvement.